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The Burlytic® process is an advanced method of electrolytic deburring and polishing that removes burrs and radiuses sharp edges while leaving adjacent areas significantly less affected.

This accurately repeatable, environmentally friendly process removes material ranging from 0.0005–0.0015 inch without exposing parts to mechanical or thermal stresses. Seven times faster than hand deburring, Electroburr’s highly effective Burlytic process can deburr and polish most machined parts, and is ideal for delicate and intricate parts used in medical devices, surgical instruments, aerospace components and other critical applications. Compatible with most hardened and non-hardened metals, it is especially suitable for deburring parts produced by laser cutting, EDM or micro-manufacturing.

If you have parts for medical, surgical, aerospace, or other high-quality components, contact us to discuss your deburring needs.

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Selective Deburring: Localized deburring of a specific area of a part
Internal Deburring: Removal of burrs from interior surfaces of hollow configurations
Surface Refinishing: Computer controlled overall surface polishing and surface reduction
Cutting Tool Honing: Removal of micro burrs on the cutting edge
Medical Surgical Instruments: Precision deburring and surface polishing
Disk Drive Head Actuators: Removal of micro burrs after machining
Micro-manufacturing: Electrolytic deburring at microscopic levels

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