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Electroburr Limited, a precision electrolytic deburring service, was established in 2002 as a sister company to Rochester Manufacturing, a custom manufacturer of precision machined metal and plastic parts for industrial applications, located in Wellington, Ohio. The Burlytic Deburring System, which we use, was developed in Sweden in the early 1980s then later brought to the United States and marketed by the Deburr Corporation, which over time became known as “Burlytic Systems.”

Like all metal machining shops, burrs are a persistent issue that constantly challenge us. In one instance, burr issues were blocking the release of a new product for one of our best customers. We tried everything we could think of and were about to give up when we discovered the “Burlytic” process. Our problem was solved, the parts were completely deburred and functionally perfect. Our customer was ecstatic! We continued to utilize their services for deburring and polishing for several years. We were very happy with this process, which solved deburring problems for us that had stumped a number of other deburring systems, many of which had damaged our parts or did not remove the burrs consistently for critical applications.

In 2001, Burlytic Systems was sold to a Singaporean company which decided to discontinue its U.S. operations. In order to continue serving machining customers requiring the Burlytic process, we decided to purchase the physical assets of Burlytic Systems, move them to Wellington, Ohio and name the new company Electroburr Ltd. At this time Electroburr is the only company offering Burlytic deburring in the United States on a contract basis. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality service at a reasonable price with quick turnaround. Please send us a sample and give us a try!

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